Only One Conversation You Can Hold with the Devil

There’s only one conversation that you can hold with the devil and win. He comes, not as a friend to chat, but as an adversary to conquer.

The more you listen, the better his chances. The more you argue, the less likely you’ll come out unscathed.

Because, let’s face it, Satan is smarter than we are. He has more experience. He’s been around the block more times. And he knows our weaknesses much better than we do. Continue reading “Only One Conversation You Can Hold with the Devil”

That Big Serpent


As we drove towards Khulna from the Khulna Bible College campus we saw a very large snake crossing the road ahead of us. It was unusual in both size and coloration, well over six feet long and very thick, with alternating black and bright yellow stripes. I have often wished I had asked our driver to stop and let us take a closer look, and maybe some pictures. Its unusual and beautiful appearance gave it much appeal. Continue reading That Big Serpent