Responding to criticism

We have all been stung by criticism. It hits us blindside, a wallop seemingly out of nowhere. Perhaps we assumed that all was well, that our hard efforts were appreciated, and then it came: someone suspects our motives, someone takes work that was profoundly meaningful to us and tore it to shreds.

We stumble outside, sit on the steps and try to take it all in. Were they right? Did we truly, deeply wrong others? Continue reading “Responding to criticism”

Criticism without all the facts

An undeniable certainty is that humans will complain.

When we get angry we whine, gripe and rant to anyone who will listen. Our fingers run to social media to trumpet the injustice to the world. It’s a disease as old as time (Genesis 3:9-13).

Victimhood is the easiest garment to wear because it feels so warm and comfortable. It molds to our shape and empowers us to boldness. It assails and flays anyone who wrongs us in any conceivable way. Continue reading “Criticism without all the facts”

How to be an effective critic

To begin with, I need to emphasize that this article is not intended for the person who has set himself up as the “church critic.” I have had it up to here with people who carp and point fingers, who hobble elders and discourage preachers, while, of course, contributing nothing themselves to the success of the church. Except, of course, for the manner in which they spew derision and harm.

This article is about the Christian who decides that the time has come to sit a brother or sister down and say in the clearest, yet most loving way: “When you said/did that, you were wrong, and you can’t keep doing it that way and be successful in your ministry.” Continue reading “How to be an effective critic”