Perspective pebbles

My young friend’s thoughts were eloquent, typical and certainly not Christian. He seems to distrust scripture. What could be said that might provide him the opportunity to reconsider?

I have decided to share with him some perspective pebbles, not full-blown thoughts, but merely some seeds warranting further reflection. The following pebbles are not politically correct, but they just might be more helpful.

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I Know My Redeemer Lives

(Note: While Barry gets hooked up, here’s a recent article of his I had up my sleeve. – Randal) Long before Jesus hung on the cross, Job revealed through the assertion, “I know that my Redeemer lives,” that he tenaciously clung to a personal hope for his future. Job 19:25 Unlike Job, whose confidence in God was based upon his expectation of what would transpire, our faith is based upon what God has already accomplished through Jesus. Here is a sampling of some of the different types of reasons some have given for believing that the resurrection really happened. These … Continue reading I Know My Redeemer Lives