I’m Safe

Yesterday my wife and I spent most of the day driving in order to assist our college age son move back to our city before the mayor’s shelter-in-place order took effect. We are safe and hunkered down.

The ability to say and embrace, “I’m safe” evokes peace. However when the heart is fearful, these words don’t ring true and fear persists.

What can assist us in getting over the hump to experience a plane of peacefulness? A brief understanding about what makes us tick reveals why the suggestions listed below offer practical help. Continue reading “I’m Safe”

A quiet mind

Do you ever have moments, hours, or even days when your mind is troubled? In an earlier part of my life my mind might race over inconsequential things. It was as if I could feel my mind moving inside but I could not slow it. I have not felt that in years, but now I feel something different.

These last two days my mind has been troubled, not as a roaring engine, but as an agitated body of water. This is not the first time I have felt this. When some friends walked away from Christ, and when others seemed to follow, my mind was troubled. Perhaps you have felt similarly. Continue reading “A quiet mind”