Make some space!

Our new habit of social distancing has made everyone even more aware of giving space to one another. In the garden, we have no such methodology, but even in a crowded garden bed, proper spacing must be maintained. 

The surprising gift of two Veilchenblau roses last year was reason enough to rearrange the patio bed. These fragrant purple roses were perfect to go on my backyard trellis. There was one problem; we had a beautiful “Jude the Obscure” rose bush too close to one side of it already.  Continue reading “Make some space!”

Christians and vigilante justice

Pain, suffering and injustice are sad facts in this sinful world. Sometimes, it may be so profound that we don’t think we’ll ever overcome it. Yet, the Lord has a way.

According to the Free Dictionary, vigilante justice is when “a person who is not a member of law enforcement pursues and punishes persons suspected of lawbreaking.” Continue reading “Christians and vigilante justice”

Slow growing

Instant gratification – this is not something that a garden provides. My sister-in-law has a gift for transforming drab porches and patios into a welcoming haven within a matter of days, sometimes only hours. In stark contrast, my bargain-hunting compulsions leave me with little choice but to wait much longer to see the rewards of my labor.

When an unusual variety is desired, what is usually required is starting it from seed. That process is not compatible with a demand for immediate color in the garden. Continue reading “Slow growing”