Separating love and approval

The Mosaic generation represents a wide diversity of values and characteristics. Yet many of these young adults share a common value which sometimes might cause them to view older Christians as hypocrites. However, before we become too critical of older adults, it would seem both sides of the generational divide could learn something from each other regarding following Christ.  Continue reading “Separating love and approval”

What our children must have in the home

Social worker and author Heather Forbes said: “The most important ‘nutrients’ our children need are unconditional love, acceptance and validation.” While she’s writing from a secular standpoint, her point is spiritually astute.

Children are fragile despite their insistence that they can handle whatever comes along. The scars of abuse and rejection that children all over the world endure is staggering. Continue reading “What our children must have in the home”

When someone comes forward

I think there are times when someone comes forward after a sermon that we think: “Oh he must be a sinner, he must have done something bad.”

Let me remind you that there are sinners who go forward … and there are sinners (that would be the rest of us) who do not.

In reality, who responds to the Gospel call? The spiritually sensitive, the soft- hearted, the ones who deeply desire to serve God better. Who does not come forward? Often the proud, the ones who fail to look in their own hearts, the ones who think they never make mistakes. Continue reading “When someone comes forward”

Getting A Grip on Tolerance, Acceptance and Inclusion

This was not the first time the question had plagued his mind. Since Christians are supposed to be loving, is not a gracious broad-mindedness which accepts, tolerates and validates other’s perspectives the loving approach? Sometimes it is easy to discern what we should choose at the crossroads. At other times, the choice might seem murky or worse yet, perhaps even the wrong path might look like the right way to go. If we wish to hear God’s message and not merely an empty echo of our own thoughts, we must resist the temptation to handle Scripture selectively. This is true, … Continue reading Getting A Grip on Tolerance, Acceptance and Inclusion