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Jesus and you

  • This little outline, done in 2001, came out of a notebook I went through yesterday.
  • Text: Matthew 8.1-4, Jesus cures a paralytic.
  • Objective: To show that Jesus cares for every person.

  1. Jesus is interested in the individual—in you, vv. 1-3.
  2. Jesus wants to—and has the power to—purify your life, v. 3.
  3. Jesus is concerned about your future, v. 4.

Conclusion: Get closer to Jesus! v. 2. (The leper “approached” Jesus.)

I often used to work from a minimal outline, like this one, because I’ve been teaching God’s Word for so long that I have a sort of intuitive idea of ​​what I want to talk about and how to handle the text, as well as how to transition between parts and points.

In recent years, however, I have worked to make sketches more complete, in order to leave to others and to facilitate their use. But that the sketch above can serve as a message seed.

May this and other outlines and messages bless you and those you hear.


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