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Impossible for mere humans

He replied, “What is impossible for mere humans is possible for God.” Luke 18.27 NET.

Man has his own idea about whom God will save. Jesus’ statement follows the story of the rich young ruler who rejected the call to follow the Lord. Jesus commented that it’s hard for the rich to be saved. People of that day thought that the rich, since they were blessed by God, would be first in line. Not so!

One of the things we have to give up in order to follow Jesus and receive life is surrendering our own ideas about God. He works far differently than we think. A deadly phrase is, “I think God …”

The great condition to following Jesus and receiving salvation is giving it all up, surrendering everything in order to receive his free gift.

That condition makes it hard for the majority. Not many are willing to renounce everything to have the One Thing, eternal life.

God can save anyone who’s willing. God can save you. Are you willing?


J. Randal Matheny
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