Jesus brings peace

Whenever Bible classes discuss Mark chapter five and the healing of the man possessed by many demons, they tend to miss a very important idea: Jesus brings peace.

The context of the passage paints the picture. In Mark chapter four, Jesus had been out on the Sea of Galilee with his disciple in the evening. The Bible tells us of a “fierce gale of wind” that struck the boat and started filling it with water. Jesus said, “Hush, be still,” (Mark 4:39 NASB) and everything became “perfectly calm.”

When Jesus reached the Gerasenes, he was met by a man who was possessed by demons. Look at this man: he was living among the tombs, the Bible says. That is not a usual place for the living. Evidently, others had tried binding him to keep him from harming himself but were unsuccessful. He was screaming and cutting himself because of the torment he experienced.

Even at a distance, when the man saw Jesus, he screamed, “What business have we with each other, Jesus, son of the most high God? I implore you by God, do not torment me! (Mark 5:7 NASB).

Just as Jesus brought peace from the storm on the lake, he brought peace to this poor man.

Sin can try to torment and destroy us, too, but Jesus can bring us peace. That peace, however, comes from obedience to his word. If we love him, we will obey him (John 14:15). We make the decision to either obey him or reject him.

This man obeyed Jesus (Mark 5:18). Jesus told him to go home to his friends and tell them what had been done for him and he did exactly that. Do you think the man received something from Jesus he needed? Is peace something you need?

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