by Barry Newton
A baby was born. While other new parents fixated upon catering to every whim for their new addition, these parents spent time in prayer thanking God and requesting wisdom to know how to handle their responsibility to raise their gift from God, to serve God.
A smiling toddler sat at a tiny table. While other toddlers were enjoying a lazy Sunday morning as their parents slept in, this toddler was hearing a song sung about how “God made the sun” and “God made me.”
A frowning toddler’s eyes welled up with tears. While other toddlers received “how cute” affirming bad behavior, this toddler was learning the boundaries between right and wrong and the need to respect authority.
A child snuggled up against a parent. While other children were playing, this child soaked up story after story before saying, “read it again.” The tapestry of teaching revealed a Biblical worldview and understanding.
Daily a young person observed parents making decisions. While other young people witnessed their parents prioritizing the family schedule around having fun, serving a higher purpose than oneself, drove this family’s schedule and dinner talk.
A teenager continued to learn. While others were imbibing deeply from the most popular television shows without critical thinking ever having been developed, this teenager was learning to ask appropriate questions and evaluate the world in terms of revealed truth.
Some children are blessed. Sadly, others can be merely swept along in the popular culture knowing more about meaningless transient trends than how to really live well. How many kids in Christian homes are blessed?

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