Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted.
Galatians 6:1 (ESV)
Paul provides a very realistic and practical statement about sin in the lives of Christians, a balanced approach which deals directly with sin without falling into a destructive self-righteousness. Several important concepts appear in this verse:
1. Sin is a universal danger. Anyone can be caught in transgression, and all need to keep watch on themselves. We should neither be shocked to learn that Christians sin nor complacent in guarding our own souls against sin.
2. Sin is to be opposed with a view towards the restoration of the sinner. The purpose of confrontation is to bring the transgressor back, not to drive him away.
3. The person doing the restoring must be spiritual, that is to say in step with the Spirit of God. Galatians 5:22-23 describes the attributes of this spirituality as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Each of these spiritual qualities has a place in confronting sin.
4. Paramount in the restoration of a sinner is an attitude of gentleness. This approach flows from the humility of knowing our own susceptibility to sin and our need for the Savior. Of all spiritual attributes, this quality is most important in confronting sin.
Human nature has not changed since the day Adam and Eve fell from grace, and the Biblical approach to sin and salvation remains as true today as when Scripture was first written.
The church will continue to deal with sin and its consequences until the Lord returns. We must make sure we do so as the Lord intended.

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