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To contact the editor, go here. Please specify that it pertains to Forthright Magazine and include any links that pertain to your comments. Otherwise, you may comment on his articles in his Final Phase column.

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  1. I appreciate the articles in Forthright Magsazine. I don’t want to violate copyright laws, but sometimes would desire to include articles from FM in our church-publication, The Sower ( Also, on our web site, would you allow us to include a link to FM? Thank you.
    –Ron Bartanen, Minister, Arthur (IL) Church of Christ

    1. Ron, we’d be honored for you to include a link to Forthright on your website. If your church publication isn’t online (if it’s by email or in print, for example), feel free to republish any of our articles. We hope you will! For online publication, we ask that site admins just include a link to the article they want to share. Thanks for your kind comments and thoughtfulness. We enjoy your articles and thoughts in your bulletin.

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