Where have all the young people gone?

Church leaders and parents fret that they are losing their young people. The numbers are alarming. Why are they leaving? Who do we blame? Parents? Elders? The Youth Minister? The congregation’s worship style?

I’ve noticed that some are not beyond a little blackmail: “If you don’t remake church in our image, we’re out of here.” There are some things our young people should legitimately expect. They should expect us to be genuine, to demonstrate a changing in our lives because of Christ, to care for the poor, to act as if worship is not a drudgery to endure.

Ken Ham, in his book Already Gone has another suggestion. Continue reading “Where have all the young people gone?”


Ah, autumn! This is a new season that the novice gardener often won’t consider. Winter may be expected to be a little dreary, but autumn doesn’t have to be. Many of us don’t think that far ahead as we plan our gardening year, and we allow the garden to “slow down” in the fall, when it really could be coming alive with color and texture.

We take time in January to order seeds, maybe even plant them inside under grow lights. We carefully water and tend them. Then, of course there is the big rush to put in the annuals in springtime, and by autumn the majority of us are tired of the whole mess.

The temptation at this time of the year is to purchase some hay bales, pumpkins, and potted mums and just hide the “real” garden from view. Continue reading “Later”