Nothing in the water

Water is a great delivery system. It brings not only moisture to the plant and its cells, but also nutrients.

I used to use an attachment for my hose that sprayed Miracle-Gro plant food on my ornamentals. Now that I am back to using mostly organic methods, I use water to soak pokeweed plants or manure until a nutrient rich “tea” is rendered.

But I got to thinking, that it’s not what’s in the water that matters, so much as getting the nutrition to the plants. Continue reading “Nothing in the water”

Water and Blood in the Plan of Salvation (3)

When Aaron and his sons were being prepared for the priesthood they had to be purified in water (Exodus 40:12-16). When God prepared to appear before Israel at Mt. Sinai, the people had to be cleansed in water before they could be in his presence (Exodus 19:10-13). Likewise, in John 3:3-5, Jesus tells Nicodemus that the new birth requires water, as does physical birth. Water is a cleansing agent throughout Scripture.

Water is used in Scripture for cleansing and purifying everything from the mundane to the miraculous. The world was “purified” when the flood eliminated all those who had been rebellious against God (Genesis 6-9). The Israelites were liberated from the Egyptian army by the parting of the Red Sea (Exodus 14). In several chapters of Leviticus we find numerous examples of people and objects that were told to be cleansed and purified in water. Continue reading “Water and Blood in the Plan of Salvation (3)”

Water and Blood in the Plan of Salvation (2)

In Leviticus 4:1-7, priests were to sacrifice a “bull without blemish” for the sins of Israel. Some of the blood was to be put on the altar “before the Lord” while the rest was to be poured out on the “base of the altar” at “the door of the tabernacle of meeting” (NKJV).

Christ was a sinless sacrifice for the transgressions of men (1 John 3:5). He suffered excruciating pain even before he was placed on the cross and lifted to the sky. As he hung on the cross, impaled by nails, his blood dripped on the ground below the cross. Continue reading “Water and Blood in the Plan of Salvation (2)”

Blood and Water in the Plan of Salvation (1)

When Jesus was on the cross, the Sabbath Day was approaching and the Roman soldiers were unable to leave prisoners on the cross. Therefore, they came to break the legs of the criminals so their deaths would be expedited. When they came to Jesus, he was already dead. “But one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear, and immediately blood and water came out” (John 19:34, NKJV).

Blood and water have an interesting relationship in Scripture. This study can yield a deeper appreciation of the inspiration of Scripture and of salvation. They can also enrich our understanding of how the blood of Christ and the new birth occur (John 3:3-5). God’s Word is an endless well of knowledge sufficient for a lifetime of study. Continue reading “Blood and Water in the Plan of Salvation (1)”