The world has never had any rules. The world doesn’t even really like guidelines. How can something like, “Live for today,” qualify for a rule or a guideline?

William Barclay wrote, “One of the characteristics of the world in which we live is the lowering of standards.”[1] Many in the world have no standard at all. The disciple of Christ must live according to the standards of Christ. The only other option is to live in profligacy. Continue reading “Rules”

Living by God’s standards

Making a difference spiritually requires that we eschew human standards and think as Scripture dictates. An ancient and fresh approach is needed. Men’s ideas don’t lead to heaven.

By human standards, the Tower of Babel was a visionary project ruined by a jealous God (Genesis 11:1-9). Spiritually, however, they were unified in voice, plan and motivation. The only thing missing was God.

Nothing spiritually positive can happen without the Lord (Ephesians 1:3). Babel is an excellent example of man’s naiveté’ and narrow-mindedness. Without God, we can’t accomplish anything (Psalm 127:1).  Continue reading “Living by God’s standards”