Sell your soul to the devil?

“The quickest way to sell your soul to the devil,” a Wicca website explains, “is to join the church of Satan.” As the teenagers sometimes say, “well, duh!”

This organization, established in 1966, “teaches members to take pride in having the strength and dedication to implement the tools of Satan and the wisdom to recognize the Unseen in our society.” It goes on, “You don’t need to give some other organization your hard-earned money to sell your soul … understand that there is no such thing as a soul.” Continue reading “Sell your soul to the devil?”

What will you give?

How much is your soul worth?

Some would take umbrage to such a question and say, “My soul is worth more than any amount of money because it is eternal,” and that would be right. Would it surprise you to know, however, there are people who would happily settle for much less?

Some people don’t mind being religious as long as it doesn’t cost them anything. Just filling a pew on Sunday gives them the feeling that they are religious and good people. When the church asks them to give or help on a regular basis, they refuse. In just such a way haven’t they sold their souls in exchange for much less? Continue reading “What will you give?”

A Home Edification Center


With the Super Bowl just days away, it’s time to set up our home entertainment center. We’ll begin with the flat screen TV and we’ll go conservative: an off-brand and a modest size (42″) will cost around $700. Of course, we’ll need to add the surround sound speaker system, and that goes for about $500 (again, we’re being conservative). High definition has to be added to our cable package, and a digital recorder will ensure that we don’t miss a single play of the game. Continue reading A Home Edification Center