Barack Obama and the Misuse of Scripture

When Barack Obama was a candidate, he said that while he did not believe in “gay marriage,” he did believe in same sex civil unions. He said, “If people find that controversial then I would just refer them to the Sermon on the Mount, which I think is, in my mind, for my faith, more central than an obscure passage in Romans.”/1

Mr. Obama’s flawed use of Scripture is common and evidences the complete lack of Biblical knowledge existent today (cf. 2 Peter 3:15,16). Continue reading “Barack Obama and the Misuse of Scripture”

The Essential Outline: The Main Points

“Give it to me in a 100 words or less.” Considering the sound-bite post-modern that he was, I suppose it could have been worse. But how to reduce the gospel to a paragraph?

Now that I think of it, the gospel writers did it all the time. The New Testament is laced with summaries, compact statements of the gospel message. Like Paul’s in Romans 1:2-4. Continue reading “The Essential Outline: The Main Points”

God Is Fair … Good News! Bad News & Great News!

If you have ever suffered prejudice, you can really appreciate just how wonderful the truth is that God is fair. That’s right. When we come before God, nobody gets special treatment ahead of you (or behind you) ¬†because of their connections, social status or race. That’s right, being daddy’s little girl won’t help or hinder. Being a member of an ethnic minority will not make it any better or any worse. The manner in which God will judge the world is the same for us all. The Principles of God’s Judgment Without favoritism, God gives to each one according to … Continue reading God Is Fair … Good News! Bad News & Great News!