The crux of our saving faith

The following quote describes a richness lying within the word “faith” that challenges popular thinking. What are we to make of this claim about faith within the Greek New Testament?

The noun pistis offers a range of semantic possibilities for English translators. It can be rendered as ‘faith,’ ‘faithfulness,’ ‘fidelity’ or ‘trust.’ It probably does not, however, mean ‘belief’ in the sense of cognitive assent to a doctrine; rather, it refers to placing trust or confidence in a person. The cognate verb pisteuw (pisteuo) can be translated as ‘believe’ or ‘trust.’ English, regrettably, lacks a verb form from the same root as the noun ‘faith.'” – Richard Hays’ commentary on Galatians

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Putting Romans 10:9-10 Into Perspective

by Barry Newton During a winter school break many years ago while visiting a college friend, I learned that a secret meeting for adults was scheduled for later that night in his family’s furnished attic. I had stumbled upon a cell of adults who had evaded paying their taxes by attempting to exploit what they perceived to be a tax loophole. They had no problem putting a postage stamp on a letter, nor putting a letter in their mailbox to be picked up. They did not mind holding a pen to write a check. They did believe, however, that the government … Continue reading Putting Romans 10:9-10 Into Perspective