The new birth calls us to action

The letter of 1 Peter reminds us God has provided us with new lives filled with hope and characterized by our souls being cleansed. Yet, the new birth is not just about what we receive. In the ancient world and within the New Testament, it was understood that progeny exhibit the qualities of their parents. God expects particular behaviors from us. Continue reading “The new birth calls us to action”

The impact of salvation: more than just forgiveness

Walk through a shopping mall. Randomly ask people what Jesus can do for their lives. If people are willing to chat, what would they say? For those who know something about Christ, the predominant answer would likely relate to salvation.

To be sure, the good news about Christ crucified centers upon salvation. However if we limit salvation’s impact to being rescued from our sins and becoming God’s people, we will overlook a massive component of God’s work on our behalf.

Continue reading “The impact of salvation: more than just forgiveness”

Something bigger

At some point in his life, a baby comes to a stunning realization: “I’m not the center of the universe!”

It’s OK for a baby not to realize there are other people, and other needs out there; it’s not OK for him to still think he’s the center of the universe when he’s 16, or 60, for that matter.

Do you believe something so strongly that you would die for it? Some people, it has been said, find life hard to live because they have nothing to die for. A person who lacks this strength of conviction is consigned to live a life of aimlessness. Continue reading “Something bigger”