Salvation and purpose

Salvation and purpose is an odd title. Yet, failure to distinguish between these ideas entangles them to the detriment of  one or the other.

On the play ground, we can easily distinguish between becoming part of a team and what  we are to do as team members. However, open the Bible and we might find ourselves blending what is distinctively different.  Continue reading “Salvation and purpose”

A Congregation is More than a Group of Friends

When we pay attention to detail and ponder why people act as they do, we begin to see some important opportunities for growth. In the process, we find doors that we never noticed before, that open to beautiful new vistas. In the areas of fellowship and the spiritual growth of a congregation, we want to offer one such doorway that leads to the growth of God’s people.

We commonly believe that if the members of a congregation get along really well, that they are unified and constitute a strong spiritual family. However, this is not necessarily true. Continue reading “A Congregation is More than a Group of Friends”