Baptizing babies

When people express a desire to baptize their babies, they might do so for many reasons. The motivation might be to fit in with their family’s religious or cultural traditions. Familial acceptance can provide a powerful force. Or perhaps a priest or preacher might have told them it is necessary. There can also be a concern that their baby is spiritually lost until this is accomplished.

If we are going to allow the Bible to shape our understanding regarding whether babies should be baptized, here is what we discover: Continue reading “Baptizing babies”

If babies inherit Adam’s sin, Paul’s argument fails

Do people sometimes regard doctrine as splitting insignificant theological hairs and being irrelevant? While humanity has indeed invented some hair splitting antics, biblical teaching is anything but trivial or irrelevant.

What Paul wrote about God’s judgment reveals volumes about the state of humanity’s nature. Does this have practical ramifications? You betcha. Continue reading “If babies inherit Adam’s sin, Paul’s argument fails”