God exists

Living in a world where a chorus of competing voices would pull us toward opposing viewpoints on a great many topics, rather than avoiding such subjects, we would do well to consider the evidence. Regardless of the topic, in order to fairly explore a subject we will need to sidestep a host of logical fallacies such as sweeping generalizations, personal attack, appeal to fear as well as begging the question. Instead, we will need to focus upon: “What is the evidence?”

So, is it reasonable to conclude God exists? The Old and New Testaments announce that the world itself reveals truths about God and his existence (Psalm 19:1; Romans 1:20). Here are some initial brief excursions into some areas meriting further examination. Continue reading “God exists”

I Appreciate Honesty by Evolutionists

In preparing for yet another multimedia seminar on evolution, I stumbled upon a book in the San Jose public library which amazed me. The following six quotes are from Franklin Harold’s, The Way of the Cell published by Oxford University Press in 2001. They illustrate the actual bankruptcy behind what so many assume has been proven. While he is an ardent evolutionist, I appreciate Franklin’s candor and brute honesty about the paucity of scientific evidence to support their evolutionary tale about the origin of life and the assumed prebiotic soup from which it sprang. “Life arose here on earth from … Continue reading I Appreciate Honesty by Evolutionists