All things new

All things new

New irises! In a weak moment in March, when I was away from home for three weeks, I ordered a dozen new irises from an online catalog. They were shipped two weeks ago, at the appropriate time for planting in our area.

It was like Christmas in July! Although the shriveled roots and small rhizomes could not be expected to produce blooms for another 21 months, the anticipation of something new in my 2018 garden was exhilarating. Continue reading “All things new”

Out with the old

Is it okay to use the phrase, “Out with the old, and in with the new” in July?

We often think of letting go of past mistakes and attitudes when we start a new calendar year, but spiritual renewal is certainly not a once-a-year ritual that magically fixes all our foibles.

Every day — indeed, every minute — is a new chance to let go of the old and bring in the new.

So here we are in the middle of the year, with a lesson to be learned from considering the lilies…well, daylilies specifically. Continue reading “Out with the old”

Spots and wrinkles

Spotted and mottled foliage can be a good thing, but not always. One of my zinnias had an intricate spotted appearance from a disease know as Alternaria Leaf Spot.

A garden visitor who observed the telltale black-edged white spots remarked that the leaves would be considered pretty if this were a healthy plant. People would pay extra just for the unusual appearance. It’s true. Plant collectors like myself often prize spots or mottled appearance. Continue reading “Spots and wrinkles”

What Good Is a Year?

We stand again at the door of another year. It’s become old hat. I now go to bed and sleep in the new year, rather than staying up to usher in Day One of the newborn. Though the ceremony has lost its luster, the excitement and trepidation of using a new year for the Lord continue to stir the imagination.

I went to the New Testament and asked, “What good is a year?” Here are a few items to consider as 2010 nears. Continue reading “What Good Is a Year?”