Moving violations in the garden

“How do we move that?”

“Is it okay to drive heavy vehicles across septic lines?”

“We can’t buy that tree – the root ball is too big to carry it across the yard.”

“Will this fit in a wheelbarrow?”

There are many aspects to consider when one is moving things in the garden. Maybe it’s just me — but it seems like things get heavier every year. Continue reading “Moving violations in the garden”

Move it around

January is a great time for planning the year’s garden. On paper, it’s a challenge to put my latest plant acquisitions in the most optimum place. Alongside my back porch, there is a little collection of pots with plants that need to be planted once the weather thaws out.

It is said that you are not a “real” gardener until you’ve moved a plant three times. That must mean I am really real! It’s not so much that I change my mind, although that does happen quite frequently. But some plants grow too large for their location, or they simply don’t do well in the spot I’ve chosen for them.

And so they move. And move. And move again! Continue reading “Move it around”