Here today, still here tomorrow

The other day I read the profile of a preacher who had “lectured at twenty-two lectureships, and preached in sixty-five nations of the world.”

I wondered if it would be appropriate to say of another kind of preacher, “He preached in one place for fifteen years.”

Every preacher who has stuck it out in one location has done so in spite of temptations to quit with a broken heart, or to move to what seems a more glamorous location to preach. I’m not against hearing someone who delivers “full-time seminars” on this or that subject, but I am even more impressed with the man who stays in one location, builds a sustained relationship with his congregation, and does the in-the-trenches work of serving one local community. Though I am someone else’s guest speaker from time to time, I would hate to be a guest speaker every Sunday! Continue reading “Here today, still here tomorrow”