“Don’t believe anyone over thirty”

There is an article making its way across social media entitled “Six Reasons Millennials are Leaving Your Church.” It seems that multitudes of Millennials are offering this article as something that speaks for them. There are aspects of this article that hit me wrong: “Your” church? I neither owned nor asked to own a church (Acts 20:28).

Neither do I like the dismissive tone the title sets. Lying within is more than a whiff of extortion: “If you don’t change the church into our image, we’re out the door.” I don’t take kindly to those who extort the church for which Christ died.

There is an element of truth in many of the article’s points, however, and those of us who are now in some control of what the church looks like (preachers, elders and so on) need to take note. Continue reading ““Don’t believe anyone over thirty””