Cleaning up our acts

Mold, crown rot, and tangles of Bermuda grass was the unwelcome sight I beheld as I got back from a long trip and opened the eight bags of irises dug by a friend’s neighbor. She didn’t want them anymore, but neither did my friend.

It was not the best timing. We were leaving town within hours, but of course I couldn’t bear to let them go in the trash. I suspected that the lack of proper preparation and handling would doom many of the roots to that fate, anyway. My fears were confirmed upon our return. It was a mess! Continue reading “Cleaning up our acts”

All things new

All things new

New irises! In a weak moment in March, when I was away from home for three weeks, I ordered a dozen new irises from an online catalog. They were shipped two weeks ago, at the appropriate time for planting in our area.

It was like Christmas in July! Although the shriveled roots and small rhizomes could not be expected to produce blooms for another 21 months, the anticipation of something new in my 2018 garden was exhilarating. Continue reading “All things new”