Acts of God

Crack! Creak! CRUNNNNNNCH! The Yard Boy and I were sitting on our patio as we heard the neighbor’s tree fall. It had been growing there for a long time, and had already lost quite a few limbs. This time, the biggest part of it split off and fell across the neighbor’s driveway. There was no wind or rain. The tree had simply decided (much like we had, at this point) that this calm, pleasant evening would be a good time to give up trying to stay upright anymore.

Luckily, no vehicles were harmed in this scenario. As the Yard Boy went over to investigate, Mike told him that he had been worried about that tree coming down for quite some time. It was quickly dispatched with a chain saw. Continue reading “Acts of God”

Freed from barbed wire

Earlier today I heard an intriguing story. My imagination instantly brought it to life.

A Christian sister recounted how she had been walking along a fence line when she came upon a sheep hopelessly ensnared by barbed wire. As she approached the pitiful creature and began assisting it, the ewe frantically thrashed, kicked and pulled in every direction.

The barb wire held fast as she worked to release the snagged sheep. Suddenly the violent movements of the sheep knocked her to the ground as the ewe lunged free to happily scamper off.

Watching that sheep joyfully run free some thoughts entered her mind. “That sheep probably thinks it freed itself from the barbed wire. In fact, it will probably still be skittish of me in the future.” Continue reading “Freed from barbed wire”