The cruelty of cultural love

Just the other night, a short TV advertisement promoted a culturally forged love. Part of its message was quite biblical and healthy for society – love everyone. What disciple could argue with this? Just as God loves all people, so too Christ’s followers should seek the well being of everyone. While Christians should hate evil, they should neither hate sinners nor saints.

However, another aspect of its message was quite cruel. As might be expected in our culture, the epitome of love was presented as affirmation and acceptance. However, this makes no sense, unless you assume society exists within a vacuum. Continue reading “The cruelty of cultural love”

Still good

Autumn is not my favorite season.

There is a sense of sadness, of melancholy, of having to say “goodbye” to the plants and flowers that have so generously treated us to glorious color during the growing season.

Even the brilliant colors of the changing leaves indicate that the trees have stopped making the chlorophyll that creates the vibrant green color they held for so long. It’s really a sign of decay. Continue reading “Still good”

Getting A Grip on Tolerance, Acceptance and Inclusion

This was not the first time the question had plagued his mind. Since Christians are supposed to be loving, is not a gracious broad-mindedness which accepts, tolerates and validates other’s perspectives the loving approach? Sometimes it is easy to discern what we should choose at the crossroads. At other times, the choice might seem murky or worse yet, perhaps even the wrong path might look like the right way to go. If we wish to hear God’s message and not merely an empty echo of our own thoughts, we must resist the temptation to handle Scripture selectively. This is true, … Continue reading Getting A Grip on Tolerance, Acceptance and Inclusion