Whose gravestone is that?

“As Josiah turned, he saw the tombs that were there on the mountain. And he sent and took the bones out of the tombs and burned them on the altar, and defiled it according to the word of the Lord which the man of God proclaimed, who proclaimed these words. Then he said, ‘What gravestone is this that I see?’ So the men of the city told him, ‘It is the tomb of the man of God who came from Judah and proclaimed these things which you have done against the altar of Bethel.’ And he said, ‘Let him alone: let no one move his bones'” (2 Kings 23:16-18 NKJV).

In my travels to the south-western U.S. this summer I visited a small town in Oklahoma. One person there told me of various points of interest in the town, including the local cemetery. Its significance was emphasized by the statement, “there is parking in the cemetery for tourist buses.” Continue reading “Whose gravestone is that?”