One thing at a time

Winston Churchill said, “Only one link of the chain of destiny can be handled at a time.” A less remarkable person reportedly said, “If you try to catch two rabbits, you’ll catch none.”

The help-wanted ads clamor for a person who has “multi-tasking skills.” Do those exist? It seems as though a person may do more than one thing at a time but may make a mistake because attention is diverted. Continue reading “One thing at a time”

Through the grapevine

The friendly little town of Georgetown was just about the nicest sort of place to live. If your habit was to bring a paycheck in to the bank on Monday, then they would cover an accidental overdraft the Friday before, without any charges. This may not be the case presently, but it was true 30 years ago.

The surrounding Illinois countryside was a pastoral picture of green, gently sloping land. Some of the green was made up of corn or soybean fields; others were wild places, filled with the ubiquitous wild grapes that flourish in this area. Continue reading “Through the grapevine”