How did we get here? Start from the beginning.

Probably not a few Israelites wandering for 40 years in the desert wondered how it was they got there. Maybe even Moses was asking how he had got himself into the long trek to nowhere. None of them could have been a happy camper. The majority were circling the desert until they died off. The generation under 20 years of age had to pass the best years of their lives in a waiting game.

How did the chosen people of Israel come to a full stop? More importantly, what did the 40-year-pause mean for the plan of God? And how might the young generation remember they were God’s special people in the midst of the nations? Perhaps to that end Moses writes. Continue reading “How did we get here? Start from the beginning.”


All it took was a few basil plants to go to seed and self-sow their offspring on my patio. The cracks between the handmade concrete stones are filled with sand. A little potting soil has found its way into those crevices also, the result of months of housing several potted plants there.

“Life finds a way.” This quote from the movie “Jurassic Park” comes to mind as I witness the persistence of plants in this difficult spot. Continue reading “Unexpected”