What we need

The orchids in Jamaica cover the most dilapidated of structures, so resplendent in their breathtaking glory that the countryside appears to be a paradise. Here in Tennessee, the plants that grow with such vigor are mostly flowerless weeds.

As a teen bride, I breathed a wish as I gently caressed these magnificent flowers that I could grow them one day. To date, I have now managed to preside over the short lives and untimely deaths of a few orchids. None have survived my black thumb in a non-tropical climate. Continue reading “What we need”

Investment strategies in the garden

The canister with the cash was short by about half. Change of plans!

It had been our hope that the sales of surplus plants would be enough to build a fence on the east and south sides of our backyard, but sales were slower than expected.

All the hard work potting up plants in the hopes of a more private space for ourselves and our aging dog was not in vain, however. There is still enough to purchase a few strategic shrubs and trees to fill in the gaps while we wait until we can afford a less permeable enclosure. Continue reading “Investment strategies in the garden”

He knows our names

It has been said that the most beautiful sound in anyone’s ears is the sound of one’s own name being spoken.

Of course, that does not include the times your mother used your middle name when she called you when you were little!

I wish I were better at remembering names. A recent conversation with my “Yard Boy” husband went something like this: Continue reading “He knows our names”

The eyes have it

It is nearly the end of what I call “The Dance of the Daylilies.” These flowers keep astounding me as each new variety opens.

There are so many different types of daylilies – literally thousands!

Some of the characteristics that are thought to be desirable in hemerocallis are ruffled edges or even toothed edges, long petals (as in spider types), and thicker petals for better substance. Larger size and unusual color patterns are sought after by daylily hybridizers. Continue reading “The eyes have it”

While you were sleeping

It’s quiet now in the garden. All that remains to be done to end the year is to tuck in a few stray narcissus bulbs, and cover the remaining beds with a cozy blanket of mulch.

Gone is the buzzing of the pollinators and the endless motion of the supple flower stems nodding with each gentle breeze. The vibrant colors are long gone. The grey and brown remnants of the garden’s bounty rattle harshly as they rustle their crisp, dead leaves against brittle stalks.

But no; the plants are not really dead. They sleep. Continue reading “While you were sleeping”