How do I pray for the lost?

Last week after a Bible class a lady asked, “How should I pray for lost individuals?” Her question might seem a bit strange. This senior from a retirement home proceeded to explain, “If God has chosen who is going to be saved, then what business is it of mine to pray for someone who is lost?”

Another lady piped in, “The Bible says that God wants all people to repent.” The first lady continued, “These ideas of election and freewill are confusing. I don’t know how to pray for lost people.” Continue reading “How do I pray for the lost?”

God, freewill and problem solving

So many people leave the Lord because their thinking is based on a misunderstanding of God’s methods. Our Father in heaven is constantly blamed for things that aren’t his fault.

Seeing God properly is liberating as it strengthens our mental, spiritual and emotional health. We must calm our emotions enough to take problems apart and see them as individual entities.

A person is suffering at work because of bullying and they pray and plead with God to remove the problem. When they find silence, they assume God doesn’t care and they turn their back on the Lord. Continue reading “God, freewill and problem solving”