A letter that changed everything

I have witnessed the same story repeat itself. It is a story about initial resistance and a follow up letter. However, the story ends with people rising up with joy from the waters of baptism.

The first two examples of this story that jump to my mind involve a zoo keeper and her husband as well as an IT professional and his wife.  Each of these couples informed me they had been honoring God for a long time.

Perhaps you can imagine their surprise when after learning a little bit more about their spiritual journey, I suggested that in order for them to receive the benefits of Jesus’ death they would need to be baptized.  Their confusion, doubt and resistance to this idea was obvious. Yet within a week after receiving a letter each couple called requesting to be baptized.

For me the zoo keeper’s comment stands out. “After reading through what you sent and looking everything up in the Bible, I now understand why your church insists upon baptism for membership.”

The reason these stories have come to mind is because this pattern repeated itself again this past week. What were in those envelopes? Here are the significant portions.
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