Why we can’t ignore attempts against the truth

Error surrounds us. From the first, since the days of Jesus, false teaching has spread its wings. How should we react to it? There are extremes. One can see nothing but an enemy. Another ignores it, wanting to emphasize only the positive.

While we follow the truth in love, we must also maintain balance by warning and exposing error. Here’s why. Continue reading “Why we can’t ignore attempts against the truth”

"You’re Wrong!"

Does the Christian have the right to tell a person he is wrong? Sometimes when discussions arise about what the Bible teaches, someone objects that no one has the right to tell another he is in the wrong.

Once again, there is plenty of guidance on this question in the Bible.

They Said It

Jesus said people were wrong, and told them why (Matthew 22:29, Mark 12:27, “wrong,” RSV, NRSV, ESV). Continue reading “"You’re Wrong!"”