Lavender’s Blue

The lavender in our garden is blue….as in sad, depressed, and pathetic.

In spite of what that old song says, lavender’s color is not really blue, it’s…well…lavender. Sometimes it is actually outright purple, which is one reason I love it.

But my failed endeavor to grow it sure makes me blue, and the drooping plant resembles my mood about the failure. Yes, this is one plant that eludes the list of success stories in our humble backyard garden. Even the new so-called “foolproof” variety, “Phenomenal,” has shown itself less than phenomenal when it comes to survival under my black thumb. Continue reading “Lavender’s Blue”


Damaged goods. That’s how we try to explain our foibles and faults, as if we are simply products of our own circumstances.

Plants have a way of teaching us life lessons, and recovering from injuries is no exception. To be sure, it is not a good idea to allow bad circumstances, i.e., poor watering, injury, disease, pests etc. to ravage a plant and then expect a beautiful flower or bountiful harvest. Similarly, we don’t abuse children to “toughen them up.”

It is nothing short of amazing to see people whom we admire reveal that they were raised in less than an ideal climate. Continue reading “Resilience”