What God do you serve?

Do you remember the scene in The Avengers Assemble when Loki was growing tired of having to fight the Avengers and in particular the Hulk? He stopped fighting, held up his arms, and said, “Enough! You are, all of you are beneath me! I am a god, you dull creature, and I will not be bullied by…” And at that moment the Hulk flattened Loki by repeatedly smashing him to the floor, after which the Hulk could be heard to mutter, “Puny god!”

This scene has been rated as one of the most humorous in that film. But doesn’t it make such a good point? If Loki truly was an all-powerful god, then the Hulk could have done nothing to him. As it was, Loki could not even stand up to one of the Avengers.

Isn’t this what we also see in the plagues of Egypt? The Egyptians worshipped a plethora of gods. Through the plagues, God showed that he was more powerful than any of the Egyptian gods. Continue reading “What God do you serve?”

Knowing who you are

The Pharaoh’s edicts became more and more sinister. Because the people of Israel had multiplied so rapidly, the new king over Egypt feared them. But how do you stop an ethnic minority from growing? Beginning with enslaving the Israelites, the Pharaoh moved on to genocide in the form of ordering all the male babies to be killed.

This was the condition that a Levite couple found themselves in. The woman gave birth to a child but she could not bring herself to kill him. After hiding him for three months, it got to the point that she could no longer hide him. So they obeyed the Pharaoh by casting him in the river, only they made sure he was in a basket that would float. Continue reading “Knowing who you are”