When Christians disagree

It is difficult at times to distinguish what we believe and accept from what scripture actually says. Because we believe them both we often assume that all we believe is part of scripture. That can apply to our view of politics as well as other areas of life.

This is not a new problem, but one which Christians struggled with in the days of the apostles. Often the background to this was Christians who were of a Jewish background and Christians who from a Gentile background. Because they were brought up Jews, many would restrict what they ate or would do certain things on certain days. The discussion as Paul presented it in Romans 14 centered around what people ate as well as what days they considered to be special. Continue reading “When Christians disagree”

Why can’t Christians get along?

We are dismayed when Christians cannot get along. Too often we have seen heated disagreements and even feuds among those who claim to be God’s people. We have even seen periods of worship disintegrate into shouting matches. Such do not honour the one we claim to worship and serve.

Why do Christians struggle to live in harmony with each other? Usually intense disputes happen when people want their own way. When you have two Christians insisting on what they want or things being done their way, too often this escalates into conflict. Sadly some begin looking for damaging information they can use ‘against’ the other person in an effort to discredit them. And sometimes this ‘information’ is made-up or twisted so it looks worse than it really is. Continue reading “Why can’t Christians get along?”