Freed from futility

by Barry Newton

How many parents have rounded a corner in their house to discover the glee of a youngster hiding inside or building some sort of a chair cushion tunnel or fort? This only touches the hem of furniture misuse. What about the famous sofa trampoline? Sure, it might have been the last bounce ever witnessed on that sofa, nevertheless it happened!

Yet as the kids grow older, household objects are eventually released from such abuse. Admittedly, this occurs sooner in some families than in others.

While adults can easily see how kids can misuse furniture, how perceptive is our vision regarding misusing creation? Creation reveals God’s invisible attributes (Romans 1:20). Continue reading “Freed from futility”

The Anthropic Principle

by Barry Newton

For those possessing a keen mind, whenever someone even partially misrepresents a concept, such missteps can sully the remainder of the discussion. It would seem this has occurred for some regarding the Anthropic Principle.

Hopefully, the following somewhat brief overview can sidestep those abuses while still providing a challenging consideration on the other. Continue reading “The Anthropic Principle”