Convenience or conviction

What would you do if you were alone in what you believed? The question is not, “What would you do while in the minority?” We all find ourselves there. Rather, what would you do if you were isolated, abandoned by others, alone? Would you give in? Or would you stand up? Perhaps it is this exercise that shows us whether ours is a stance of conviction or convenience.

Jeremiah offers an example of one who stood almost completely alone. He took a stand for God and it resulted in rejection, loneliness, and persecution. Continue reading “Convenience or conviction”

Implications of Christ’s priesthood

In previous articles we laid out the importance of the priesthood, the history of the priesthood, the nature of Christ’s priesthood, and the operation of Christ’s priesthood. We want to conclude this series by laying out some important implications of the ministry of Christ.

Due to the great work of Christ as our High Priest, we can be confident in at least five areas:

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Judging: misunderstanding Jesus & Paul

The question was short and clear.  What is judging?  Almost immediately, a senior citizen from our weekly Bible study group offered the standard answer, “condemning.”

She is only partially right. A common thought seems to be, as long as I am not denouncing someone or something I am not judging. To avoid judging involves far more than just abstaining from condemning something or someone.

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Can our feet keep up with our tongue?

“Lovest thou me more than these?” (John 21:15,16,17).

Peter wept bitterly after he denied affiliation with the Lord three separate times. We squirm in our seat when reading it. It just doesn’t seem like the same person we’ve been reading about throughout the ministry of Jesus. The agony is palpable.

Is it more shocking that Judas hanged himself, or that Peter didn’t? Continue reading “Can our feet keep up with our tongue?”