Spots and wrinkles

Spotted and mottled foliage can be a good thing, but not always. One of my zinnias had an intricate spotted appearance from a disease know as Alternaria Leaf Spot.

A garden visitor who observed the telltale black-edged white spots remarked that the leaves would be considered pretty if this were a healthy plant. People would pay extra just for the unusual appearance. It’s true. Plant collectors like myself often prize spots or mottled appearance. Continue reading “Spots and wrinkles”

Even though I am conservative …

 In the spectrum of Churches of Christ, I am conservative. What I mean is, I seek to restore New Testament Christianity, I believe in the inspiration and authority of Scripture.

But, if I can put it kindly, there are those who have made caricatures of us conservatives, who have put words in our mouths. Please don’t do that! If you need to know what we believe, ask us.

So with that in mind: Continue reading “Even though I am conservative …”