No physical remains

A couple traveled recently to another continent and toured a famous religious building, still under construction after almost 100 years. They were awed by the edifice, which used new techniques for the time, with a unique style. They shared their photos online of both the exterior and interior.

A friend of theirs who didn’t belong to that religion claimed to feel the presence of God there. The couple wrote that they hoped others might be inspired and convinced by the stories written on its walls. They saw the building as a way to make converts to their religion. Continue reading “No physical remains”

Acts of God

Crack! Creak! CRUNNNNNNCH! The Yard Boy and I were sitting on our patio as we heard the neighbor’s tree fall. It had been growing there for a long time, and had already lost quite a few limbs. This time, the biggest part of it split off and fell across the neighbor’s driveway. There was no wind or rain. The tree had simply decided (much like we had, at this point) that this calm, pleasant evening would be a good time to give up trying to stay upright anymore.

Luckily, no vehicles were harmed in this scenario. As the Yard Boy went over to investigate, Mike told him that he had been worried about that tree coming down for quite some time. It was quickly dispatched with a chain saw. Continue reading “Acts of God”

How dare we take the gospel to those people!

God instructed Peter to carry the gospel to the Gentiles and the members of the household of Cornelius were immersed into Christ (Acts 10; 2:38).

Despite his obedience and proclamation that God was no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34), Peter continued to struggle with his prejudice (Galatians 2:11-16).

Shortly after Cornelius and his household were added to the Church (cf. Acts 2:47), Christian Jews demanded to know why Peter would do such an abominable thing (Acts 11). Continue reading “How dare we take the gospel to those people!”

Denominationalism is the fleshly plan

God’s plan for mankind is ridiculous to a sinful world (Isaiah 55:8-9; Romans 6:1-6) so we must have an undeniable faith in his truth (Acts 2:47; Ephesians 1:22-23; Hebrews 11:6).

Godliness is our new world and God’s Word teaches us what we need to know (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Doing what is natural to the flesh is guaranteed to violate God’s will (Matthew 5:27-48). Continue reading “Denominationalism is the fleshly plan”

Looking for peace in all the wrong places

Peace is difficult to obtain. In fact, the only lasting peace available is in the spiritual realm. However, even there it must be properly focused. Peace is a possession of God and we’ll find it only on his terms.

Humans falsely think that physical peace brings spiritual peace. But that’s backwards. All measures of peace begin spiritually and then emanate out to the other areas of our lives. Continue reading “Looking for peace in all the wrong places”

Living by God’s standards

Making a difference spiritually requires that we eschew human standards and think as Scripture dictates. An ancient and fresh approach is needed. Men’s ideas don’t lead to heaven.

By human standards, the Tower of Babel was a visionary project ruined by a jealous God (Genesis 11:1-9). Spiritually, however, they were unified in voice, plan and motivation. The only thing missing was God.

Nothing spiritually positive can happen without the Lord (Ephesians 1:3). Babel is an excellent example of man’s naiveté’ and narrow-mindedness. Without God, we can’t accomplish anything (Psalm 127:1).  Continue reading “Living by God’s standards”

“Free Wife”

The sign from the north said, “Free Wifi,” but drivers from the south were promised a “Free Wife.” While missing a spelling mistake for one day is understandable, doing so for weeks is something else indeed.

Have the owner, manager and employees not noticed the error? A Chinese restaurant advertised “Free Deliery” for years. How is it possible that no one noticed that the sign needed changing for that ridiculous period of time?

Messed up signs have unintended consequences. Most will think either that the proprietors are uncaring or ignorant. When we run a business, we must pay very close attention to detail. Continue reading ““Free Wife””