Fluid worship practices?

To say that something is fluid envisions flux, change and perhaps substantial differences. Just how fluid or homogeneous was the early church?

A recent presentation led me to ask some historical and theological questions. To what degree did cultural forces shape the early church? Did it possess a mooring prohibiting divergent practices? Can we know? Does it make any difference for us today, whether they were quite fluid or solidly homogeneous?  Continue reading “Fluid worship practices?”

The Church: learning from the past

In about 1801 Barton W. Stone began to proclaim a back to the Bible message in the area around Lexington, KY. In 1807 Thomas and Alexander Campbell, unbeknownst to Stone, began preaching much the same message in Bethany, WV. The two groups ultimately found each other and merged in 1832.

Not to know history is to suffer from historical amnesia. What did this movement we know as Churches of Christ do right, and where can we learn, from its history and do better? Continue reading “The Church: learning from the past”