The main focus

What do you see in this picture? An overwhelming majority will see Homestead Purple Verbena, or simply “purple flowers.” Gardeners might see a few Cypress Vines starting to grow, and are twitching at the urge to come and pull them out or train them up a trellis before they overtake the verbena.

Earlier today, i sent the photo to a very dear friend, because she had offered to come and dig out a very large rosebush that I no longer want or need. In the photo, you can see a branch of the rose bush that was shoved into the ground earlier in the summer, and it is growing tiny new leaves. This is a good sign that the rose has made roots. I wanted to entice her to take something easier to move!  Continue reading “The main focus”

Greater love

Opposition to Jesus was rising. While the Lord would not shrink from opposition, it was too soon to allow a plot against him to succeed. He withdrew to the Sea of Galilee (Matthew 12:15; Mark 3:7-8).

There is a revealing look into the heart of God’s son in Matthew chapter 12. It is seen in Isaiah’s prophecy hundreds of years before Jesus ever came to the world, and it shows precisely what Jesus was most interested in doing. Continue reading “Greater love”