The capture of Jerusalem

When David became king of a united Israel, he decided to establish a new capital, not in the southern city of Hebron, but in Jerusalem. Jerusalem was held at that time by a people known as the Jebusites, one of the nations that the Israelites had failed to expel from the land during Joshua’s day (Judges 1:11-36).

Jerusalem was located on a marvelous strategic position, high on a spur of hills that could be easily defended if a wall was set along the edge of the cliffs. The city was so secure that its Jebusite inhabitants exhibited a kind of ancient Jebusite trash talk: Their position was so secure, they declared, that “the maimed and the blind” could defend it (2 Samuel 5:6-8). It is a little humorous to think of a city guarded by blind and maimed sentries! Continue reading “The capture of Jerusalem”