Ain’t nothing but a hound dog

“And you ain’t no friend of mine.” This is how I feel when our friendly neighborhood pooches break off the flower stems just when they are about to bloom. 

Now, if Wallace or Max or Bailey would get rid of the rabbits that eat my flowers and vegetables, their friendship with me would remain intact even for the brief moments when they aggravate me with their destructive romping in the garden.

I am about to put my willow branches in a cage, along with their water bucket, after finding them pulled out of the water and their new roots drying in the harsh spring winds. No doubt the culprits are just some animals brushing up against the branches and interrupting their work of making roots. Continue reading “Ain’t nothing but a hound dog”

Broken clay pots

You know those cute little pictures in the gardening magazines and Pinterest boards with the adorable little outbuildings for gardening supplies? The area I use for potting up plants is aptly named “Pottersville” due to the seedy, unkempt nature of the space.

The secret to a homey, charming little potting shed as opposed to — well, mine — is to use only clay pots instead of those ubiquitous plastic pots. However, you almost never find plants for sale in the pretty little clay pots, because of the price differential. Continue reading “Broken clay pots”