And the books were opened

The end of winter is the time when many gardeners turn to their books. We may have been perusing seed catalogs for the last few months, and even ordered a few new varieties of tomatoes or beans to try. 

When the robins appear and the ground starts thawing, we turn our attention to the gardening books. We search for the best way to plant that new Santa Rosa Plum that came in the mail; bare rooted, bare twigged, and sad looking.  Continue reading “And the books were opened”

Written in the Book

The United States is entering another election cycle, and next year a popular vote will be taken to decide which candidate will be president.

From now until November of next year, the public will get a steady diet of political polls designed to tell which candidate is most popular. Personal attractiveness does not seem an acceptable criteria for selecting the most important ruler in the free world, but that is often what the process does.

Jesus was not concerned with his approval rating or his popularity. Instead, the Lord concentrated on his mission to tell people of the coming kingdom. Continue reading “Written in the Book”