The God who calls

Who is this God who invites us to profoundly reorder our lives to their very core? After all, the call to discipleship is the invitation to radically align our allegiances, beliefs, values and behaviors according to God’s character and word.

By revisiting the stories of Moses and the Israelites, we can learn something about this God who desires to transform us.  Continue reading “The God who calls”

Faith of our fathers

June is the month for garden tours featuring daylilies in Tennessee, as they are usually at their peak. Today was no exception. With two friends as “enablers,” I went shopping at another friend’s beautiful garden for a few more daylilies to add to my burgeoning collection.

Some new varieties will now grace the garden, with features such as ruffled edges, petaloid segments, and vivid eye zones.

Of course the garden still contains a few “heirloom” daylilies, in stark contrast to some of today’s fancy new additions. I like the old, but also love the new. Continue reading “Faith of our fathers”

Faith With Eyes Wide Open

Misperceptions about faith in Christ permeate our cultural understanding.  How often have we heard faith contrasted with evidence?  How common is it for people to assume that religious faith demands a blind allegiance.

When we examine the nature of Christian faith with eyes wide open, we discover God calls people to respond to him in faith based upon solid evidence. Biblical faith does not entail closing one’s eyes to take a blind leap.

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