Axioms and Proverbs

“…everyone who divorces his wife, except on the ground of sexual immorality, makes her commit adultery” (Matthew 5:32, ESV).

Several days back, my adult son and I had a conversation about marriage (I’m married; he’s not). We shared a common bond, which was that I never had any interest or inclination to get married or have a family (guess who is married and has 6 children?). He was fairly certain that marriage would not be for him, and even more certain that children were not on his radar. As the conversation progressed, I said, “You never know. If the right person comes along, you’ll change your mind.” He strongly disagreed.

Was I right? I’ll give you my conclusion at the end. Continue reading “Axioms and Proverbs”

Inventing the reason why: Galatians 3:28

As they opened their front door, immediately their eyes fell upon the shattered vase on the floor. The babysitter was sleeping soundly upon the sofa. One of their two young boys greeted them with, “the dog broke it.” At that moment their other son was nowhere to be seen.

Like most parents, an innate detective gear kicked into action. The dog was still in his doghouse in the backyard. In spite of the rain, no muddy dog prints were on the kitchen tiles. The babysitter had slept through the crash and could offer no insight.

Explanatory stories are powerful. Explanations answering “why” empower attitudes and action. Accurate explanations point us in the right direction! Continue reading “Inventing the reason why: Galatians 3:28”

Scripture is mostly stream, not stain glass

His white hair spoke to his experience. However, his voice belied his age as his tone and words tumbled forth with enthusiasm. “In the last month or so I have seen scripture in a whole new light.” With this statement he explained how an idea had opened up his eyes to what had previously alluded him.

He anticipated with joy the adventure of pressing forward studying God’s word. What had so changed his understanding and perspective of God’s word?  Continue reading “Scripture is mostly stream, not stain glass”

The author-centered meaning

by Barry Newton

Imagine going to an art museum where, upon entering a gallery featuring oil paintings by classic masters, you are confronted with a most unusual display. Each work of art remains shrouded beneath a woven cloth. Small geometric shapes cut into the cloth enable you to gaze upon a mere tiny portion of the painting.

Even though examining that small exposed tidbit of the masterpiece could reveal insights regarding technique, possible stylistic tendencies, temperature of color and so forth, yet the interrelationship of the whole to that part would be completely lost. Continue reading “The author-centered meaning”

Sims, Animals & Biblical Teaching: Wielding the Power to Shape

The computer game industry caters well to testosterone. Want to command the power of an army, fly the world’s most devastating airplane, build a city, manage a world or expand an empire throughout the galaxy? There is a computer simulation game that will pander to your drive for power. While guys may be drawn more toward command and conquer, the gals are not without desire to control. The tempter shinnied up to Eve with a modest proposal. If you want to be like God, if the idea of possessing the power to know right and wrong is attractive to you, … Continue reading Sims, Animals & Biblical Teaching: Wielding the Power to Shape